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security first.
and second.

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swipefox ensures that all your personal data and transactions are encrypted, and secured so what’s yours remains only yours. there’s no room for mistakes because we didn’t leave any.

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we send you 20 travel nurse job offers that match your preferences every hour. so you don’t have to waste time searching for or applying to travel nursing jobs ever again. with quick submit technology, you are always ahead of the line, meaning you get the best jobs.

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we curate and bring you all the top travel nursing jobs for the top travel nurse staffing agencies in one location, so you don't have to manage multiple profiles and applications with multiple different staffing agencies and recruiters.

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swipefox mobile app, rates the travel nurse staffing agencies and the hospitals for you to compare and choose the best offers. we do all the homework for you, so you can relax and find the best assignments.

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Getting a new travel or full time assignment is as quick as swiping left or right.

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Our app works 24/7, to match you to the best jobs based on your preferences. You get unique offers that match you.

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