Future of Hiring is Now with Swipefox

Expand Your
Hiring Toolkit

Expand Your Hiring Toolkit

It is time to innovate your hiring process. The future of work is Swipefox with AI-based qualified candidates matched to open jobs. With thousands of nurses swiping jobs daily, let's get your open positions listed.

It’s time to reimagine how we find and connect with talent. Check out Swipefox.

Top benefits of finding your perfect candidate matches with the Swipefox app

  • Access to qualified healthcare professionals
  • Complete in-sourcing from talent acquisition to submission
  • Real-time instantaneous submissions
  • Reduce your cost of hiring by 70%
  • Increase your fill rates by 40% or more
  • If you sign up after the demo, you can earn free credits to use Swipefox
To experience the possibilities, request a demo now!