The Top 3 Benefits of Per Diem Nurse Assignments

A nursing career is considered one of the most notable professions in the world. As we know, nursing is a selfless profession where patient health is a top priority. However, where a nurse goes is just as crucial for career success. Nurse schedules vary and considering the type of contract to get is a major decision with certain perks and advantages.  

After becoming a registered nurse (RN), some may find unmatched flexibility in a per diem nursing career. A per diem assignment allows you to choose when, where, and what kind of assignment you want to work on. You may also choose one or a couple of shifts in hospitals/acute care, clinics, or home health.  

As you read this list, consider that many facilities do require hired registered nurses to have a minimum of one year of working experience as an ICU nurse, ER nurse, med surge, or emergency room nurse.   

In this post, learn what SwipeFox considers the top 3 benefits of per diem nurse assignments. 

What is Per Diem Nursing?   

“Per Diem” is a Latin phrase that means “per day,” so a per diem nursing job means taking a position on a per day (or per shift) basis. It also means taking an assignment temporarily for hours, a day, or several days to fulfill the last-minute coverage needs of a hospital or clinic. You also can select a seasonal per diem job while full-time nurses are on vacation or holidays.  

A per diem nurse can enjoy the following work freedoms:  

  • It is contract-based employment that could last for a few days or weeks. You choose.  
  • You can get bonuses or extra payment per hour and for night shifts.  
  • You can work according to your desired schedule when you need to work.   
  • You choose the assignment that best suits you and your skills. 

Let’s dive a little deeper. Here are the top 3 benefits of a per diem nurse assignment: 

1. Unmatched Flexibility  

Per diem assignments are highly flexible. You can consider it a part-time shift that permits you to determine time, place, and healthcare organization. Whether you choose a cruise ship nursing job, an office clinic or a home health job is up to you. Otherwise, you can opt to be in an ICU, ER, or another specialty hospital floor.

A per diem nurse gets many benefits such as higher pay (in most situations), structured/locked-in working hours, and an overall flexible schedule — because you choose when or where you want to work. You can do one shift or a few in a month. You may also make your mind up for new hospitals, nursing homes, or clinics to polish your skills and learn the latest techniques. A per-day assignment is best for the nurses who prefer this profession to enjoy the flexibility and valuable learning opportunities.  

You can enjoy the “Ideal Work-Life Balance” by considering a per diem job. You may also go for an advanced degree to get more out of your nursing career.   

In per diem jobs, you can go on vacations with your friends and family due to the 100% controlled workload. So, you can give time to yourself and your family, which is vital these days for a calm mindset.   

Moreover, some per-diem nursing jobs also offer benefits, such as paid time off, health insurance, and 401K. However, this will vary from organization to organization.   

2. Gained Exposure  

A per diem nursing activity is an incredible opportunity to get extra work to enjoy and discover the world around you. If you need to fulfill your dream to serve in multiple locations and multiple patients, you could consider the per diem assignment in healthcare. All you must do is check the details and requirements to choose the right fit for you. In the SwipeFox world, that means swipe right to learn more!

Explore all the various locations within your metro or rural area. It might be nice to try a new site without losing the comfort of home.  

Only a per diem nursing job provides opportunities to work and explore the different areas of your city. In addition, it enhances mental stimulation by working in a constantly changing environment. A per diem nursing job is offered on a required basis in different hospitals and locations for med surge nurses or ICU nurses to fill the gap in coverage or need for more RN and ER staff. It is a paid per hour and per day job with considerable salary and bonuses.

This is not a typical full-time job but more on the gig worker side with weekly or hourly options. So, you can entertain the job offers in other cities and explore the city in your free time. You may not get extra rewards that a full-time nurse has, such as retirement plans, medical facilities, a consistent team, or other paid vacations or leaves. But you can choose an assignment that is not stressful and gives you leisure time for yourself.   

3. Try something new before you commit 

To learn new nursing skills, you can take a per diem assignment. If you want to specialize in med surge nursing, you can pick up a shift in the ER (emergency room) nursing. In this way, you can grow in your nursing career, and you may find better nursing career pathways that will lead you to great success in life.   

If you want to change your area of expertise and add to the facility you already have, you must try something new before committing. For example, you can go to a teaching hospital to expand your nursing skill set, enhance your knowledge, and learn the latest technologies before swiping right for your next per diem shift.   

It does not require a permanent dedication to find new facilities in your nursing career. Instead, it will enable you to earn senior practitioner offers and opportunities to work with multiple facilities.   

Here at SwipeFox, we recommend that you download our app to begin your per diem exploration. There is no pressure to explore as you need only to swipe left to show no interest and swipe right to show interest. And let advanced technology do the rest.

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