10 Reasons To Take Per Diem Nursing Assignments

SwipeFox is a bit partial – but we would start by saying, take out your phone, download the app, to see what is available for you to grow your nursing career in 2022. Nursing is a highly heroic profession. If you are a nurse, you are probably familiar with most of the career benefits, including the benefits that come from a per diem assignment. Most registered nurses work at hospitals and home health facilities to take care of their patients, providing acute and chronic care. This article looks beyond the app and provides our top 10 reasons to take a per diem job.  

Before we dive in, understand that a per diem nurse, as the name suggests, works on a day-to-day basis. As a result, per diem assignments can provide nurses with more freedom and a higher paycheck. Per diem nurses can choose their working hours and shifts depending on their availability and comfort zone. Per diem nurses are not paid on a salary basis. Instead, their revenue depends on the number of working hours. Most per diem nurses are frequently assigned shifts at the last minute. Due to its last-minute nature, per diem assignments often earn nurses more per shift than other dedicated jobs.  

Here is why you should consider taking per diem assignments: 

1. Flexible Working Schedule  

Per diem nurses can work whenever it is feasible for them. It gives them the flexibility to pick and choose shifts that fit their lifestyle. They have complete control over when, where, and how frequently they work.  

Although different nurses choose per diem assignments for various reasons, most agree that the finest element is flexibility. Per diem nurses have the choice to pick per-day, per-week, or month-long shifts. This is perfect for those who might have personal commitments or work full-time jobs. [Explore more in our blog post about the top benefits of per diem

2. Make More Money  

Who doesn’t want to make some extra cash? Whether it’s to pay off student loans, make a major purchase like a home or a car, or even go on your dream vacation. Compared to a full-time nurse, one of the main benefits of becoming a per diem nurse is the rates offered. You are paid at a higher hourly rate. Working too many shifts in a full-time job may result in burnout, making it more challenging to earn that extra cash. But that’s not the case with working as a per diem nurse; it is an excellent method to make money by working until you have enough.  

Do not just take our word for it! According to Nurses.org, an RN in California picked up a two-week shift that resulted in an almost $20,000 paycheck.   

3. Expand Your Skill Set  

Per diem nurses can expand their skill set by working in various specialties. In addition, it is a great way to test out new opportunities without committing to anything long-term. For example, a full-time ER nurse could pick potential shifts in the pediatric ER, gaining extra skills and information for professional advancement. Nurses are sometimes allocated work on an unfamiliar unit if they perform a per diem job. Though working on a new unit can be daunting, it is a fantastic way to gain experience with various nursing skills.  

4. Delve Into A Variety of Work  

Working as a full-time nurse and giving 40 hours or more every week can be exhausting. On the contrary, per diem nursing allows med surg nurses to work in various settings. They are not bound to work at one facility. As a per diem nurse, you can work in different relevant occupations and select the types of jobs you want to do. You will have the option of picking and choosing nursing assignments, allowing you to work in a more pleasant environment. Working multiple jobs is undoubtedly one of the advantages of being a per diem nurse. With so much diversity, you will never get bored of your career and enjoy new hospitals and employers.   

5. Work With Diverse Employers  

Another wonderful benefit of per diem nursing is working in various settings, which permits nurses to work in several therapeutic settings and locations, exposing them to new individuals and learning opportunities. This is ideal for people who love to try out various parts of a city or want to explore new clinical settings. A continually changing work environment might provide mental stimulation for most Med-Surg nursing staff. This changing environment also helps you work beyond your skillset, which might not be related to your full-time job.  

6. Reduce The Risk Of Nurse Burnout  

Burnout is a painful experience that almost every nurse goes through at some point in their career. Unfortunately, per diem nurses, like any other nurse, also have to go through burnout despite the flexibility and work-life balance. The silver lining is you will experience less burnout because of having the option of choosing your work hours. Nurses who switch from full-time to per diem work have reduced stress and greater job satisfaction, as they are not immersed in the 24/7 loophole. [Is burnout a genuine concern for you? Check out this blog post where we break down strategies to support. 

7. Enjoy An Ideal Work-Life Balance  

One of the most appealing aspects of working as a per diem nurse is having a great work-life balance. Thanks to choosing your flexible work hours, you will never miss out on anything significant in your life because of work commitments. It is ideal for individuals with a family or who have to give time to their children.   

You will never miss your children’s sports events, parent-teacher meetings, and dance recitals if you are a parent. On weekends, you will be able to catch up with your friends and attend birthday parties. This means that you will never have to pick between your family and your job as a per diem nurse. You can balance both your work and personal life effectively.  

8. Bypass Workplace Politics  

Another reason for considering per diem nursing assignments is that you won’t have to deal with dreaded workplace politics. You can work one day or an entire week, depending on your availability, without indulging in office politics. In addition, you will not be required to ask for days off to go on vacation or important life events as you will have the choice of working during your available hours.  

You will not be required to participate in any work committees or groups that are not in line with your interests. So, instead of getting caught up in work politics and conflicts, you can focus on caring for your patients, their families, and, more importantly: yourself.  

9. Benefit From Seasonal Opportunities  

Per diem nurses can pick up seasonal work to supplement their income. This type of task is flexible and can be done whenever convenient. Hospitals hire more per diem nurses during Christmas or summer vacations to compensate for the ratio. Therefore, it is high time for per diem nurses to make extra bucks working a one-time shift at different hospitals.   

10. Find Time To Start A Side-Gig 

You can work part-time as a per diem nurse, giving you plenty of opportunities to pursue other interests and careers. For example, you can start a side gig by working as a bartender, establishing your small online business, or even working as a freelance nursing blog writer.  

Having a second gig might add some excitement to your life and keep you satisfied with your current nursing career. Additionally, the extra earnings potentially may open up other job opportunities.  

Per diem nurses benefit greatly, offering their services in different clinics and hospitals. Working in a relatively shorter period and flexible work hours is the primary reason more and more nurses are taking per diem nursing assignments. Perhaps it’s time for you to make the transition as well. Start by downloading the SwipeFox app. It does not hurt to look! 

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